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: Dickinson Struck by Lightning
: Freedom Crazy October 03, 2006, 10:08:41 AM

President Struck by Lightning

Friedman, Freedom Crazy

At 8.30 this morning, during his morning jog through the Presidential Park, President Dickinson was struck by lightning. Reports indicate that there was a torrential downpour during the morning that seemed to appear from nowhere and this came with thunder and lightning, observers have commented that the clouds seem to come from nowhere and suddenly the rain started to pour down. "It was raining cats and dogs" said a local jogger, despite the rain we have unconfirmed reports that the President carried on with his jog and that the rain did not bother him, if anything his bodyguard, speaking exclusively to the Freedom, said it seemed to invigorate him, pushing him on harder. It was at this point says his bodyguard, Mark Stevens, that an almighty crack could be heard and a blinding light as what Mr Stevens can only describe as the most awesome sound he has ever heard ripped through the noise of the rain. After recovering from being temporarily blinded and deafended, Stevens found the President lying in a pool of rain, blood streaming from his head.

This is a photograph of the lightning strike that is thought to have hit the President, taken by a local resident.

The President's bodyguard immediately called for backup and an ambulance which arrived quickly on the scene, the President was then taken quickly to the local, Ellis Industries owned, hospital. The expert treatment he has been receiving and has received is thought to have saved his life, however the President remains in a critical situation and is currently in a coma. Doctors are as yet, unable to determine how long he may be in this state and have stated clearly to the Freedom that any timeframe they give would be complete guesswork.

Messages of sympathy and condolences have been flooding in and many people are wondering if this will effect the President's physical appearance.

President Dickinson in a photograph taken recently at his house outside Friedman

Several Doctors have stated to the Freedom that his appearance is likely to have changed from the attack and several artists have made their impressions of what the President may look like.


However, one of the weirdest artists impressions of what President Dickinson may look like after this horrific tragedy is pictured below, it shows Dickinson hiding his eyes behind sunglasses and looking much visibly older with a receding hairline.

: Re: Dickinson Struck by Lightning
: Iasonia October 03, 2006, 11:19:17 AM
The government of Iasonia sends its best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery by President Dickinson, and offers up its cowbell resources as needed should he wish them.

: Re: Dickinson Struck by Lightning
: Pansada October 03, 2006, 01:18:10 PM
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The Pansadan foreign counsellor expresses his deepest regrets over the President's ill fortune. Furthermore, we have top-rate hospitals that specialize in mental health; certainly, we shall offer the Archon Basileus top service if the government of Freedom Crazy requests it.

: President recovers consciousness
: Freedom Crazy October 04, 2006, 10:37:52 AM

President recovers consciousness

The doctors attending to the President have said that the President has awoken from the coma he was in and is doing remarkably well. Doctor Osbourne, the lead doctor treating the President, has exclusively told us that the President is able to talk and move around a little bit. Doctors have commented that the President has made a remarkable recovery from being struck by lightning. It is thought that when the lightning hit the President it caused a massive contraction in his muscles that catapulted him into the air and he landed on his head on the grass by the side of the footpath, Doctor Osbourne has told us that had President Dickinson hit the footpath he would certainly be dead.

Details are also emerging that the President is speaking of having visions of the incident going through his mind before he woke up, he recalls running through the park and then hearing a great god-like figure with a booming voice, thick beard and lightning bolts in his hand calling out to him. He can see himself running through the park and this figure, who he is calling "Zeus" shouting "How dare you tell me what to do Mr Dickinson, this will teach you not to order me about... mortal!". The President is understandably disturbed by these images and is trying to find meaning in them. He then described, according to Doctors, how he saw 'Zeus' throw the lightning strike at him and how it hit him and he saw himself thrown in the air. He also says he saw the figure laughing a booming evil laugh after the incident.

An artistic profiler was called to be with the President and President Dickinson has described what this figure looks like and other features. We have the exclusive artists rendering of the figure and are able to print it here.


The President has also told his aides to release a statement thanking those Governments who have wished him well and all the people of Freedom Crazy who have expressed their condolences. He has especially appreciated the cowbell from the Government of Iasonia and is said to be enquiring about if he can have more cowbell. He is reported as saying: "I need more cowbell!"

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: Re: Dickinson Struck by Lightning
: Jasque October 05, 2006, 03:57:09 PM
The Radioactive Republic wishes President Dickinson a speedy recovery.   The government has also sent a lightning rod, to be held by one of the President's aids on all future jogging trips.

[OOC  sorry about the slow response.  RL has kept me a little busy.   I love the RP though!   :D]

: Re: Dickinson Struck by Lightning
: Freedom Crazy October 13, 2006, 12:42:54 PM
Press Release:

The President is doing much better now, recovering nicely from the traumatic events of the recent past. He addressed the nation and the press saying he was fine and looking forward to cracking on with his job.

However... he wasn't wearing his usual attire. He was in fact masked and mysterious.


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