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: Stock Market Game
: Jasque October 12, 2006, 12:27:53 PM
For a long time Afslav attempted to get me to join a stock market game online.  I thought the game was well designed, but I didn't join.   About a week ago two of my Finance professors emailed me (and the rest of their students) asking us to join a game on the same website.  One professor offered 3 points on the final exam if we joined.... so I finally decided to join. 

And I realized it is a lot of fun!

Now, I personally suck at stocks.  I was ranked in nearly last place in my university's game.  Today my portfolio is up 0.90%, so I'm hoping to make a come back. (In the time that it took me to write this, my portfolio shot up to 1.05% for the day!  ;D) But even though I realize that I suck, I am learning a lot.   So, I began to think....  Why not get some NS players to sign up for a game, and we can compete against each other.  Most of the people in The Meritocracy are smart and will make plenty of money throughout their life.  Eventually, they will want to invest in the market.  Why not learn about the stock market now along with some of their friends?

So, I propose that we host a stock market game on (  Here is how the game works.  You start off with a set amount of money (in my class we had $25,000, but we can set this amount to anything we want).  You can use that money to buy and sell real stocks in many different international markets.  The game executes your order aproximately 20 minutes after you make it (or at the beginning of the trading day if you put in an order at night), and you get your stock.  You can take short or long positions.  (Short selling a stock simply means selling a stock that you do not own and promising to deliver it in the future.)  Very simple, very realistic, and very addictive. 

 If enough members of the Isles are interested, I'll set up a game so that everybody in The Meritocracy (and people from other places in NS) can play as well.   Let me know if this interests you at all. 

: Re: Stock Market Game
: Stanimir October 12, 2006, 12:38:16 PM
Count me in.  :)

: Re: Stock Market Game
: Fox October 12, 2006, 02:27:00 PM
I'm gonna try it Jasque and in a week, I'll tell you if I like it or not.

: Re: Stock Market Game
: Pansada October 12, 2006, 06:59:39 PM
Hmm, might be good practice for the dreaded real world. I'm game.

: Re: Stock Market Game
: Shasarazade October 13, 2006, 12:15:41 AM
Afslav got me to join some time ago, but I never did anything. Now would be a good time to start.

: Re: Stock Market Game
: Freedom Crazy October 13, 2006, 03:41:58 AM
We should keep this game here and run it here so that we can attract people here. :)

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