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: Rift Felt In Senate
: Huttok July 31, 2008, 06:45:01 PM
Tonight a website has streamed said true recordings of Prime Talimaka speaking to one of his seconds. In this clip the Prime is clearly heard mentioning his research into lost laws and his family tree has concluded he can run to be Emperor of the land if he so chooses to run the red road.

-----show picture of  Prime Talimaka---------play recording --------------

The red road of course being a grueling test of mental awareness, courage, determination, physical ability and stamina. Usually ran by the most loyal and able officers of the regiments of the armed forces.

-------------picture of General Malik finishing red road -----------flick to picture of General Malik in battle dress--------

If he was to take this on and complete it, he would be Emperor. To do what he liked without senate permission.

-----------back to anchor---------------------

Of course there is no conclusive evidence as of yet, of course as always we will update you, when we know more.

Albert Couver
Huttok News

(manuscript extract from news at 6)

: Re: Rift Felt In Senate
: King Chester July 31, 2008, 07:47:57 PM
Most exteemed Prime Talimaka,

WE are somewhat intrigued at the possibility of neighboring royalty in the isles.  WE realize that this may become confusing and disorienting to a population that has become accustomed to different law.  Regardless of the outcome, WE hope this chapter works out to the benefit of the most people.

Also, as you may have seen from another official news source, Royal Military Special Forces are in "hot pursuit" of persons who have acquired forbidden arms.  Such persons have also acquired sea transport and are travelling toward your Republic.  WE suggest you limit your military to an observation role.  Should they make land in your Republic, we hope to keep the damage light and intend to award reparations to civilian victims.

Lord of House Worden,
Steward of God,
King, reigning over the Kingdom of You-Gi-Owe.

: Re: Rift Felt In Senate
: Huttok July 31, 2008, 08:43:58 PM
*******BREAKING NEWS*********

We interrupt your broadcasts to tell you Prime Talimaka has put forward to run the red road.

The news follows our previous source regarding his potential ascension to Emperor of Huttok. A national survey has revealed the general public support this movement. They believe Talimaka has been the only Prime to stand up for the right of the people and has risked his position on many occasion by doing so.

One civillian commented he would be more than happy to see Talimaka in power as the rest of the senate sit around debating where as Talimaka gets things done.

In light of recent events, such as the criminals fleeing You-Gi-Owe, we need decisive power, do we sit around and wait while our senate debates what to do? Or do we give power to the one man we can  trust in power?

Don't miss Talimaka's run showing live right here on channel 6 news .

Alber Couver Huttok news, have a great night, goodbye.

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