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: Ancient History of the Meritocratic Isles
: Jasque April 23, 2006, 05:44:49 AM
This is an account of the birth of the Meritocratic Isles and The Meritocracy as reported ( by Lord Tom on June 3, 2003.  It was designed for an audience that was unfamiliar with the  history of The Meritocracy.  Today it is ancient history, and it is our only firsthand account of the birth of the Meritocratic Isles.

The History of The New Meritocracy and its illustrious predecessors...

By: Lord Tom, Confederacy of Thomasia
June 03, 2003


The story is too long for me to tell by myself, so I encourage others to add the details which I will inevitably forget. However, as the senior statesman of the core group that has endured much, I will try to provide some insight into our history. It has been a long journey from where we began, and we have changed significantly, but for the better, I believe. So, for the beginning.

(Also, there better be a sticky attached to this thread!)

Chapter I: The Meritocratic Isles

The Meritocratic Isles, which are now a satellite region of The New Meritocracy was our original home. The region was one of the first in the game, as I created it about a week into the game. My nation, which is presently fourth oldest, noticed from the onset that there was no home for capitalist nations who tended to have a conservative or libertarian bent. For that reason, the Meritocratic Isles was founded, and it would grow rapidly.

In the beginning, our goal was simple enough. We were a region of like minded nations who wanted to work within the UN to promote our agenda. More remarkably, as we had a few friends, like the recently attacked Capitalist Alliance, we were able to make this difference. I used to send out hundreds of recruitment letters, and when the game had about 5000 nations, the Meritocratic Isles had around 130 members. With that sort of clout, we really could impact the United Nations, as our alliances brought us to control about 8% of the vote there. Our crowning achievement, and the glory of the Meritocratic Isles, and my own reign as Delegate was the defeat of a mandatory living wage. It lost by about 30 votes, and I controlled 50 at that time. We felt like we accomplished something.

Yet, the Isles were more than a solitary effort as we had a government of our own. To the best of my knowledge, we were the first region to develop a government outside of nationstates, which was a combined effort by several nations. I was proud to work with Xalanzia, Eureka, Britannia, and Sanctuary at the beginning, as we formed our government. The Meritocratic Isles featured a charter, a beautiful mosaic map, a census, and a fifteen member cabinet. The Prime Minister, highest office of that body, was appointed delegate under law and was responsible to the Cabinet to enforce their will. Things were good, at first.

However, as we are not there now, you can safely assume things went badly. As the world continued to expand, we lost our influence within the United Nations. It was especially aggravating because before I left the role of Delegate, I enjoyed 83 endorsements, but I found that we were unable to make any difference as we could neither influence U.N. votes, nor did we have the numbers to win any proposal. For myself, the last straw was when my painstakingly crafted "Sovereignty Act" was ignored, because it would have limited the U.N. to an appropriate level, but it was impossible to get people to listen.

All institutions and bureaucracies function less effectively as their size grows. This happened to both the United Nations and the Meritocratic Isles. Both lost focus, and descended to petty squabbling, with the U.N. spiraling into helpless oblivion. So, the last great act we made in the Meritocratic Isles was a mass withdrawal from the U.N. in protest, because we felt that our nations sovereignty should not be subject to the whims of an amorphous mass. Some of our members did not feel this was the best course, and many ended up in Capitalist Alliance or Armageddon, as they were determined to continue to try and resuscitate the United Nations. For our part, we thought this folly, even before region stealing became possible, but we retain friendships with many of those region, despite this schism.

Anyway, after we withdrew from the United Nations, the game withered. The change between trying to change the world and creating something altogether new was formidable. Many lost interest, including myself for a good while. Thomasia almost vanished, as many nations did, because we lost our sense of purpose in the world. We did the right thing, but we had all perfected our nations long since, and what purpose was there. I departed.

II. The Collapse of the Isles

This is the part I know least well, as it was my absence which had precipitated the fall of the Isles. Since I was responsible for designing the Cabinet, I placed myself in a position where my role as arbiter was unquestioned, but when I left, there were massive disputes over the succession. Although Xalanzia had been listed as Deputy Prime Minister to try and alleviate this very issue, the latent rivalries and differences between some of our diverse members led inexorably to civil war, and the fall of the Isles.

As best I can tell, there were two sides in the dispute. There was a side of usurpers with some nation named Beerovia, whom I never knew, and a group of nations led by Eureka on the other hand who represented most of the Old Guard. Beerovia assumed the vacant U.N. delegacy and tried to reshape the Isles through that authority, even though my final act as Prime Minister was to separate the authority of the United Nations Delegate from the execute head of the confederation.

This continued for about a month, as the population of the Isles was halved, and the dream seemed dead. Certainly, I believed so, but in all the effort we had made, an enduring core remained. The few true believers who wanted to make it work left the Isles, as it was in self-destructive disarray. King Justin the Brave, the Senator from Eureka, took the initiative to lead a few people who wanted to rebuild to a new region. I remember this clearly because it was he who drew me, like so many others, back from the edge.

III. New Meritocracy

The new region was called the "New Meritocracy" and things went well there. We designed a new government, having learned from our previous mistakes. The members trusted me to design some sort of system, and this time we removed all the superfluous office, and made a Senate composed of equals where all members could reside. Periodically, the Senate would appoint a Consul to serve as executive, a Tribune to interpret the laws, a Praetor to handle affairs of state, and a Censor to handle the membership. Using a loose interpretation of Rome, Marcus Isles, represented in the honorable Consul Kenneth Fox, and I worked to create a document to please everyone.

The charter which you see today is an amalgamation of our ideas and the will of the Senate since that day. Although Marcus Isles is no longer with us, as he is on personal leave, he shall always be remembered and welcomed as a leader. Anyway, things went well, and although we were a small region, we were united in purpose and in belief. All was going admirably, as we were content to remain quiet and enjoy the friendships our nations had forged, with an occasional newcomer entering.

However, as a region, the first issue which clearly divided us concerned the United Nations. Almost all of the members had chosen to leave the United Nations, but a few, most notably Old Carthage, asked if that should be obligatory. As the original justification for this new region and our exodus from the United Nations had been that it was an infringement upon the sovereignty of the state, we debated heartily on whether Meritocrats should be allowed to be in the U.N. and the Senate. Eventually, by a slim majority, the Senate allowed participation in the U.N., with the explicit understanding that the true authority of the region rests with the Consul. At the time this seemed most fair, and though we were all somewhat uncomfortable with this arrangement, things continued well enough. Old Carthage was serving as Delegate, and we assumed that as someone who had been with us for some time, that nothing bad would come to happen during his tenancy of the Delegate position.

Things were proceeding normally, because although we did not agree upon everything, as republics tend not to, relations between all our nations were cordial. The Charter came into being, as we refined the offices and procedures which you now observe. Our forums and features were painstakingly developed through the ideas of the Senators, and the formidable talents of Lord Curzon of Britannia and Field Marshal Robert Isoeph of Winnipeg. All was perfect, but then Old Carthage committed the crime of treason against his fellow Senators.

Claiming that Eureka and Xalanzia were plotting against him, he used the newly instituted capacity to reject members over the will of the Senate, to expel two of the senior statesmen, including the founder of the region. In response, the Senate has banned him from our presence, and we were forced to leave our second home in the "New Meritocracy". Old Carthage brought in a number of dummy states, and false allies to gain his position, abusing the U.N. Delegate position in a way which shocked and offended us all. This is the origin of the dispute with Old Carthage, and this also marked the end of the second incarnation of our region.

(For more on Old Carthage, I'll place an appendix at the end.)

IV. The New Meritocracy

Seeing that we could not regain our region, we chose to move for once and for all to a secure region, where the Senate could choose a founder, and where we could never fall victim to the marauding nations who use the United Nations as a front. Retaining all the forums, the Senators moved en masse to The New Meritocracy, which would not have the ambivalence of the former region. The first act, passed by unanimous accord, was to disallow any U.N. member to the Senate, or even to reside in our region. Given the new threat, we all agreed this was a necessary step.

Old Carthage removed, we have prospered here, and there is no conceivable threat that can harm us here. We have actually served as a refugee station for any number of capitalist states, and as allies for dislocated nations of all stripes. After Marcus Isles left, Winnipeg was elected as the second Consul for The New Meritocracy, and his strong stewardship has seen us double in size, while retaining our character and our integrity. Moreover, given the new threats in the world, The New Meritocracy has this recently updated and beautiful home, and a new sense of purpose.

In an unsafe world, we are a haven where states can work together without conflict between one another. We are certainly not pacifists, as we actively conduct diplomacy with other regions, and are both willing and able to attack those who would practice their aggression upon others. All Senators understand these responsibilities, to the world, and to each other. Ultimately, the reason why we have endured is because we have played the game to the best of our abilities, and all our storied nations should continue for years to come. Both old and new, we are making history together, the states of The New Meritocracy.

The End

Appendix A: Old Carthage

The history of Old Carthage, which was was initially another nation, known as Ole Carthage is almost as long as the game itself. Initially, I recruited that nation from the Utopian Empire because they seemed to be the victim of unjust slander, and were actively trying to build that region. I invited him to the Isles, but unfortunately, another arch-nemesis of the Senate followed him, Evil 4 Life. Basically, their arguing eventually caused such frustration and discord in the Isles as to make everyone go insane. It appeared Old Carthage was the victim, but the truth was later revealed as these two seeming enemies became allies in taking control of the New Meritocracy.

Anyway, Ole Carthage appeared, and was admitted as a Senator to the new region. Shortly thereafter, New Evil 4 Life also arose and started the same problems. These two planned, and tried to divide the Senate through those limited exiles they enforced. However, the Senate stood strong and were united as we moved, and left them. Old Carthage, not content with that victory, moved to try and desecrate the Meritocratic Isles. However, under the direction of the Senate, some of our own dummy states (most Senators keep UN states for reason which will become obvious to other Senators) retook the Isles, visiting what he had done to others upon him.

Now, his whereabouts are unknown, but that nation has been seen to conspire with forces opposed to our region, so we remain vigilant against his threat. However, we are not worried, as the Senate can defend itself.


I encourage other Senators to add their thoughts, but at least new people will have some feel for what we have been through. Much of this is recorded in our forums and our discussion, but allow me to stress we continue to evolve and advance. If my telling seems centered around myself, it is only because I have enjoyed the privilege of pulling many of these states together, and I believe I enjoy their confidence, as the initial vision is mine. However, I can now say it is something we all share, and as Senators, we have all proved our value and we are moving forward as equals to remain the greatest region in the world. Even Maxx himself says so, so who am I to argue!

: Re: Ancient History of the Meritocratic Isles
: Jasque April 23, 2006, 05:56:03 AM
Lord Tom's history of The Meritocracy inspired others to write their memories.  Below is the history of the Isles as remembered ( by Politzania.

A brief look at the Holy Empire of Politzania and her role in the Meritocratic experience.
by Academitian H. D. Collicraft
June 3, 2003

(Dislclaimer: This is a biased look at the history the Nation of Politzania has had during her stay in the Meritocracy.)

Initially the largest nation on the continent of Terra Sancta, the Holy Empire of Politzania never was one to get along with its neighbors, consistantly involved in border skirmishes on its crusade to "enlighten the heathens outside of our glorious boarders".

In the year of God's Grace 3003, the Holy Empire elected to open diplomatic channels to the world outside of Terra Sancta and eventually joined the United Nations, in order to attempt to reign in the rampant Godless Communist influence contained therein. However, Politzania saw that by herself in Terra Sancta there was no way the Holy Empire could help to stem the tide of anti-Capitalist aggression.

It was then that the Holy Empire of Politzania came to the Meritocratic Isles during the United Nations action to create a living wage amongst its members. Though not formally invited, the Holy Empire moved to join the Meritocratic Isles. Through the tireless work of the delegates from the Capitalist Allliance (New Caithess) and the Meritocratic Isles (Thomasia), the UN Living Wage Measure was defeated. Eventually things settled down in the Meritocratic Isles, and The Holy Empire of Politzania began to consider moving back to her beloved Terra Sancta, the business of ensuring that no living wage was to be instituted taken care of, however it was then that the United Nations began to grow so enormous that the controversy of UN membership began.

The Holy Empire elected to remain in the Meritocratic Isles, occasionally sending her representive to the Isles to communicate. The nation of Thomasia elected to remove herself from the limelight and her chose successor, Xalanzia, was less than adequate when it came to holding the region together. It was the arrival of Beerovia and her puppet nation, a nation who's name is lost to the Politzanians, that the fragile ground the Meritocratic Isles were founded on began to crumble.

The nation of Automan and Xalanzia began a childish shouting match, Xalanzia claiming to have used futuristic techology to wipe out Automan, while Automan simply began to send engraged telegrams and compare the Xalanzians to the French. This war of words eventually engulfed the Heathen Nation of Presleytaria Holy Empire of Politzania.

God's Chosen nation and the nation of Prestleyteria engaged in rhetoric, the heathens backing Beerovia and her puppet, God's Chosen backing the Meritocratic interests but not Xalanzia. Eventually the divide between nations created a gulf that could not be mended. This is when Xalanzia's lack of leadership capability came to the forefront.

Beerovia immediately began to call for the UN Delegate to be changed from Xalanzia to their puppet state, slandering Xalanzia and any other nation that would speak to defend the delegate from such unfounded lies. The Holy Empire, once again, broke from her self-imposed silence to confront Beerovia. Eventually Beerovia and her puppet took the Delegate position and the Kingdom of Eureka left the Isles to found the New Meritocracy. The Holy Empire, still considering her options, accepted the invitation by King Justin and Sanctuary, becoming the third member of the New Meritocracy.

The Holy Empire again thought about finding a new home, but elected to remain in the New Meritocracy. During the Meritocratic rebirth, the Holy Empire engaged in a debate about the office of Spirituality, and eventually succeeded in preventing the tenticles of the Meritocratic nation of Zanzubar from entangling Politzania in blaspheming nation's idea of worship.

While the Holy Empire of Politzania has taken on less and less of a role in the Meritocratic Senate, the EMpire has been a strong ally of the Meritocratic nations, indeed a strong member of the Senate. Having taken part of the campaign against Evil 4 Life (seperate from Eurekas), the liberation of both the New Meritocracy and the Meritocratic Islands, few can doubt the sacrifices made by Holy Empire for her fellow Meritocratic nations.

: Re: Ancient History of the Meritocratic Isles
: Jasque April 23, 2006, 06:01:16 AM
Lord Tom's essay seemed to inspire many old timers to tell their story.  Phil of Sanctuary tells his own account ( of the Isles below.  He remembers a time when NationStates had only 300 nations, total.  The world was young in Phil's day, but not nearly as young as in Tom's day.  The Meritocratic Isles are old indeed!

Sanctuary's Account of the Meritocratic Isles
by Phil
June 3, 2003

I can clearly remember when I first joined this game, I believe about a week or so after Lord Tom. I was very intrigued. Initially I joined a liberal region, can't even remember now what it was called. At this time there were 300 nations. Think about that, 300 nations. A few weeks later it was well over a few thousand.

I remember going to the forums and reading posts by this guy called Thomasia. I was impressed, both with his clarity of thought and his style of writing. I've seen posts by Lord Tom that I would call essays, see above. Anyway after seeing my region of 10 nations getting nowhere I transferred to the Isles. I think we had approx 20 or so nations. The highlight of the Isles was 'The Living Wage' proposal before the UN. The scale of that operation is staggering.

After that, the isles quietened down, nations rolling into NS to swell to tens of thousands. The UN was bloated, both with stupid proposals and numbers. How many bloody legalise drugs, kill all jews etc. did we have to read through. Yuk. I remember Lord Tom, not really leaving but certainly not participating.

Beerovia and Xalanzia. Shit they annoyed me, and unfortunately I said as much. I did Xalanzia a disservice. He tried but bloody hell; I nuke you with thermonuclear weapons, blah blah blah. We had a map at that time and Xalanzia changed it so automan was gone and there was big mushroom cloud. Childish. I remember King Justin from Eureka sending me a telegram that he was leaving and starting up a new region, well what a godsend that was. Its my belief that King Justin saved our nations from deletion.

Anyway we have a home now that is safe and secure, I'm amongst people who are interesting and fun. We are a community, though we are separated by thousands of kilometres.

Phew this has to be the longest post I've ever done. Bloody hell Tom.

As a postscript I use as my sig 'A Bureaucrat', Old Carthage gave me that and I wear it with honour.

: Re: Ancient History of the Meritocratic Isles
: Jasque April 23, 2006, 06:06:33 AM
Finally we come to our last entry, written  ( King Justin the Brave of the Kingdom of Eureka.

Eureka's Account of the Destruction of Evil 4 Life
by King Justin
June 4, 2003

We congratulate Lord Tom, Politzania and Sanctuary for their contributions.

Indeed, before We start, We recall the day the assassinations in Politzania took place. We feared for our ally and friend, whom We have taken great interest in. Politzania among few others truly know how to protect their sovereignty.

We shall also say We are proud to have bestowed the Lord upon Lord Tom, for services to the Meritocratic Isles. Indeed, Lord Tom now sits in direct line for the Eurekan throne, albeit at quite a distance.

But now, We bring in the only contribution We feel We can make.


Eureka was originally invited to join the Meritocratic Isles by Lord Tom, and for a short while (in comparison to the history of the region now) We sat quietly. We observed the interaction between the nations, and joined the United Nations. We were proud to assist Lord Tom during the 'Living Wage' proposal, but things were still quiet.

It was during this time Evil 4 Life began threatening members of the Meritocratic Isles. Eureka, having been appointed head of the Rapid Anti-Terrorist Department began to move quickly to ascertain who or what was behind this threat.

It was found that Evil 4 Life was a direct threat to the region, and Eureka launched several assaults on Evil 4 Life, until finally, Evil 4 Life ceased to Exist.

Those were in the halycon days of the Meritocratic Isles. May The Meritocratic Isles grow stronger again.

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