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Question: Should the new prefecture(s) join?  (Voting closed: June 01, 2006, 12:04:07 PM)
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Author Topic: Pleasant Prefecturial Present (Plus Perfect Poll)  (Read 3151 times)
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Commutel, Inc. (Foreign Ministry Contractor)

« on: May 27, 2006, 12:04:07 PM »

Pleasant Prefecturial Present
Possible New Prefecture on the horizon
Posul for InterMet

How Small?[\i]

The Consul of the Meritocracy delighted Senators on all sides as he announced the possible new Prefecture of "Feudal Japan". A medium sized region of about 48 nations, it has had some problems over the past few months with some of their key members leaving. However, it has undergone a revival of as late, and many new members have come along to help make sure that the region takes off once again.

On the 21st of May however, the Legions (helped by men from the prefectures of Alpha Omega and The Isles) helped to make sure that the region was saved from, as the Consul put it "clutches of the invaders" that were currently in control. At the top end of Government, the Meritocracy and Feudal Japan have been in discussions about the possibility of them becoming a prefecture. The Shogun has this to say:

This union between the Meritocracy and Tenka Fubu has a lot to provide for both of us. From my point of view becoming prefectures will give my regions both the security and expertise of existing Meritocracy members to build on what has been a fragile renewal since the departure of three of our founding members, the Shogun Nobunagas Revenge, his first Kanrei Shadow Warrior and my former co-Kanrei Hsaur as well as many other capable members. Over the past few months we have been fighting first to preserve Tenka Fubu, losing two provinces in the process, first Isaac City and The Emerald Coast, then working to renew the apparatus of the state with new forums and a more sensible government structure. As prefectures we will have to worry less about invasion so can concentrate on governance instead of just security.

Of course this is not just a one-way relationship, we offer the Meritocracy new and interesting opportunities. Unlike the New Meritocracy, which is based on the Roman Republic, Feudal Japan in both its government and culture tries to reflect Japan in the Edo Shogunate as far as possible and Cathay, although not fully developed yet, is planned to be based on China during the period of Marco Poloís travels. Expanding and varying the scope of regions within the Meritocracy will, in my opinion, convince others who could be very capable members of the Meritocracy but may have little interest due to the current culture of itís regions to get involved.

I hope and expect that the talks will end well and that a strong and healthy arrangement between us will result with the advantages I have outlined above and many more resulting.

This is a great move for the Meritocracy, as it shows that the policy of Prefectures in general is something that can be accomplished and can help to progress the Senate forward. This will also be a test for the Administration of the New Merit. as a quick and well recieved prefecture will certainly give a huge boost to it and end any whispers that may have been occuring.

Commutel, Inc. (on contract from Foreign Ministry of Networked Cities Inc)

Views represented are the views of "The Office of the Government, Inc" and not necessarily those of Commutel, Inc. or any other government contractor.
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