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Author Topic: Rejections, Regrets and Reconciliation {InterMet}  (Read 4651 times)
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« on: June 11, 2006, 08:07:33 PM »

Rejections, Regrets and Reconciliation
Fall out from the ACCEL's Rejection of the New Pacific Order
by Posul

The ACCEL in committee

In perhaps the most controversial and most watched acceptance vote in ACCEL History, the Directorate voted by 9-8 for that the Pacific should join the Alliance. This however, was not enough to make sure that the NPO could be accepted into the Alliance, and has caused a wave of jubilation and condemnation on what were rival camps over the course of this application. The whole Saga began at the end of last month (30th March) as the Senator of Intercontinental Incitement and Provocation Moo-cows with guns asked for the NPO to be accepted into the Alliance of Capitalists, Conservatives and Economic Libertarians after being invited by the Ambassador to the NPO from the ACCEL Scandinavian Duchies. This immediately caused joy amongst many members of the ACCEL with one remarking: "this shall be a great day for NPO and the ACCEL!". No doubt that official is eating those rather badly chosen words. At first however, the application was going to be set to be the most uncontroversial of them all, with all sides seeming to accept this as a great move for both the feeder and the organisation. Problems occurred soon after however, as many questioned whether the NPO was there for themselves or for the organisation. Many accusations were flown from both sides of the gulf and has caused a great deal of angry between a lot of regions as of late.

The Fall out of this rejection however has been felt immediately. Wegason, Chairman of the ACCEL put it:

After long consideration, much debate, for and against, the Directorate of ACCEL have voted 9 to 8 on their application, which is not at the required level to gain entry into the organisation, as they did not achieve two thirds majority from the voting Directors. This was a difficult decision for ACCEL and one that did not come about lightly. We welcome co-operation with the Pacific but the Directorate feel that it is not in our best interests of ACCEL to accept the Pacific into our alliance at the present time. We extend an invitation to any Pacificians who want to join ACCEL as national members, to do so.

ACC, Consul of the Meritocracy had this to say:

It is unfortunate that this had to happen the way it did seeing as ACCEL's relationship with The Pacific had been a good one. It was by far the hardest choice I have ever made and that probably goes for all of ACCEL as well. However, in the end, I don't believe ACCEL is ready quite yet to jump into feeder politics in any form.

The NPO has come out with fighting words however:

On behalf of Emperor Ivan Moldavi and the Pacific Senate, I am sure it comes as no surprise that the NPO is less than pleased with the outcome of the vote. While of course we would have liked to have been accepted, it is more the process that took place during our application period that disturbs us. The process was tainted by arguments and concerns being raised behind closed doors without those same issues being posed to us in our membership thread. The issue of feeder politics, a concern that was raised and cited as a reason for nay votes, was never addressed to us and never mentioned until the very end. We cannot help but feel that the process was disingenuous at best, and just incompetent at the very least. An invitation was extended, an invitation which we accepted in good faith. However, it is clear to us that good faith was lacking on the part of at least some ACCEL members. As such, at the behest of the Emperor, we have closed the ACCEL embassy in response to the lack of respect shown in the process.

This has really shaped the geo-political scene for months to come. Many questions have now been asked about this whole affair. Will the ACCEL break up due to the fall out between member regions? Has the power of the feeders waned to such a point that they cannot be accepted into an organisation such as the ACCEL? Will heads roll in the ACCEL after the shambolic way that this was carried out? Will the NPO isolate itself from all contact with the members of the ACCEL? All of these will be answered in the next few days no doubt.

Jack McDonald,
President of the Radioactive Republic of Jasque
Former Archon Basileus of the Politeia
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