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Author Topic: The Shaelin Khapf  (Read 3027 times)

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[ooc]This is some fairly significant information regarding roleplaying, as I will not be RPing this nation as a nation; instead, "the Shaelin Khapf" is an organization based in a single sovereign city, and the city-state will not even be directly controlled by myself.[/ooc]

History of the Shaelin Khapf

The Shaelin are a small order of monks, scholars, and warriors who have existed for over seven hundred years. Their core beliefs are unimportant to the outside world, and even unimportant to those who live under their rule--the former has never been concerned much with the Order, and the latter does not even know of them.

After their genesis, the Shaelin existed as little more than a monastery for two hundred years. The monk fathers and mothers would keep a keen eye on the world around them, recruiting the sharpest youths they encountered to enter the Order, but never attracting the attention of whatever leader was in power at the time. For the most part, the Shaelin were concerned with learning the ways of the world and of themselves. Human nature was their greatest mystery; they wished to learn to manipulate it, to be able to bend any human to their own will in an effort to prove the superiority of the sentient mind. They practiced in quiet for many years.

Finally, though, events conspired against them. The kingdom of Khapf grew up around their haven, and the leader of the kingdom learned of the Shaelin. He saw in them a threat--not to him, personally, but to the youth--the fodder for armies and economies. He knew of their practice of apprenticing the best of the young, and attempted to stop it.

Not much is remembered of how the situation developed; the only clue is the name "Vesta", which means "Princeling" in Khapfan. Nevertheless, all that is important is that the Shaelin quickly found themselves in charge of the land of Khapf. Even more astounding was the circumstances of their rise to power--not a single person in the former kingdom knew that power had shifted by anything other than lawful inheritence. The Shaelin now ruled a land, but decided to allow the peasants to believe they still lived under a king.

For for hundred years more they ruled this land, through its stages as a kingdom, vassal state, and imperial province. The Shaelin made sure to keep Khapf and her people safe, but continued their intellectual delvings. Circumstances forced them to change and adapt; a warrior sect of the Order was created, and spies; university men were recruited to keep the Order in touch with modernity. The youths of Khapf were still culled and recruited as always, the strongest becoming agents and guardians, the smartest becoming sages and learners.

Finally, though, the powerful forces of the modern age dislodged the Order from their land: Khapf was devastated in the wars of XX Century, and the Shaelin were forced to leave for greener pastures. They decided to relocate in the Ivus Mert--the Meritocratic Isles, where they joined a burgeoning city and subverted its leadership, much as they had five hundred years before. The city, Pansada, is largely unaware of the Shaelin, and acts as a city-state on a small island in the Isles.

Ordering of the Shaelin Khapf

The Shaelin exist with the same purpose as in the beginning; they are psychologists and humanists, meddlers and manipulators of men and machine. They are not afraid to effect change within foreign powers, or to use such unscrupulous tactics as blackmail and assassination (though they prefer to bend the will to breaking the body). There are agents in many countries, with some infiltrating academic centers and governments, and some joining foreign militaries. Above all else, though, the Shaelin consider the protection of Pansada, as Khapf before, their sacred duty.

The Patriarch: Leader of the traditional Shaelin, the monks and scholars. He (or, as the present case is, she) oversees the research of the Shaelin, and gives a public face to the Order. Foreigners know the current Matriarch as a corporate leader.

The Spymaster: Leader of the agents and guardians, the warrior offshoots of the Shaelin. He is rarely seen in the strongholds of the Shaelin, but holds power comperable to the Matriarch.

The Shaelin strongly influence the government of Pansada; indeed, a number of city councilors are members of the Order (usually agents, but sometimes academics who find the role convinient).

The Status of the Shaelin Khapf

The Shaelin have direct relationships with a number of national governments, but not all. They have been known to act as mercenaries in order to support Pansada financially--they are loyal and resourceful, until their contract is up.

There are rumors of involvement in many black market endeavors, including large-scale smuggling and piracy; however, the Spymaster makes quite sure to keep them just rumors, to appease the governments that might object. It is interesting to note that while Pansada has no large-scale shipbuilding capability, small warships and merchentmen have been known to appear in the port without warning, flying Pansadan colors. The locals have learned to accept their good fortune.

The greatest conflict in the minds of the Shaelin is their failure to protect Khapf; they hope never to find themselves in a similar situation in the Isles. They will strive to protect the island of Pansada and keep the Isles geopolitically favorable to them.

Matriarch Porcelina of the Shaelin Khapf
(Corintur;  Consul of the Meritocracy)
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