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Author Topic: “Metric System” Repeal Measures Up  (Read 3066 times)
Freedom Crazy

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Bruce Dickinson

« on: July 31, 2006, 01:58:18 PM »

“Metric System” Repeal Measures Up

ACCEL Repeal Reaches Quorum

A repeal of "Metric System" has been approved by UN Delegates

An ACCEL authored proposal to repeal UN Resolution #24, “Metric System”, has reached quorum after gaining the required 124 delegate approvals in little over three days. Success was achieved at the second submission of the proposal, after a first attempt fell short of quorum gathering only 84 approvals. The repeal was drafted by members of ACCEL in the halls of the recently created Department of Trade and National Sovereignty, a department created after the merger of the UN Division and Department of Commerce.

The idea to repeal resolution #24 was first proposed by the Chairman of ACCEL, Wegason, who approached the department with a rough draft. Commentating on his decision to start the repeal process Wegason said, “The Metric System resolution has always caused me anger and hostility towards the UN because it is so pointless and bureaucratic to demand that nations in the UN use the metric system. I, myself, do not mind the metric system but I do not feel and never will be compelled to use it against my will and the UN must allow those developing nations who use other forms of measurement, to continue with that, as well as allowing all countries to use a form of measurement that fits in their culture as a nation.”

With many members of ACCEL contributing to the drafting Coldrisk, of Flavian Ampitheatre, then organised efforts to produce a final draft. The repeal was eventually submitted on behalf of the Department by Leg-ends, the Undersecretary for National Sovereignty, “Once again this shows that ACCEL is a force to be reckoned with in the UN, we are now more than adept at drafting proposals and getting them to quorum with the greatest speed and efficiency. It is once again heartening to see so many people contributing to our repeal efforts. At the drafting stage we had contributions from Wegason, Gruen, Jey, Coldrisk, Kenny, Republicans Armed, Finklestadt, Westmorlandia and St Edmundan Antarctic. There was then no shortage of volunteers to assist with the lobbying, special thanks go to Coldrisk, Gruen, The Great Commonwealth, Kingsland and The Mowers.

“Resolution #24 is probably one of the most over-reaching resolutions currently on the statute books, harking back to the day when the UN attempted to micromanage every aspect of a nation. It forces everything to be metric, even down to the scales in your bathroom. Although international standardisation would help trade, given the technological age we live in computers can quite easily do the conversion from one system to another. Indeed the resolution does nothing for trade blocs that have already standardised their measurements but using a different system. In short: the benefits are low and the costs are high. It is about time that the UN recognised the diversity of nations and allowed a little culture to flourish. I hope the honourable members of the UN will support us in this aim.”

“Repeal “Metric System”” will reach the floor this Sunday, 30th July.

Written by Leg-ends
Undersecretary for the Department of Trade and National Sovereignty
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Bruce Dickinson
The Anarchist Federation of Freedom Crazy
Former Archon Basileus of the Politeia

Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else. – Frederic Bastiat

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