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Author Topic: Meriterran Times, No.1 Issue  (Read 4575 times)
Valle de Mejico

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« on: September 02, 2006, 01:43:22 PM »

Aedile: King Richard VI, Senator from House Wins
Editors: Morgan Linder, Senator from Lantisia; and Ismael VII, Senator from Valle de Mejico
Revolution Rocks Scandinavian Duchies!
Sweeping changes across the nation
A new constitution has been implemented into Scandinavian Duchies. This occurred after the death of a high-ranking Duke in the nation, whose will contained a clause that called for a complete reorganization of the nation's constitution. There was a remarkably peaceful transition, but it was met with opposition from other nations not too content with the results.
Xiang Gang Returns from “Working Holiday” and Dissolved
Risqué recess precedes government split
With much anticipation the leaders of Xiang Gang returned to their offices after a recess of government. This has been met with scandal from both Xiang Gang officials and Foreign Officials. Xiang Gang’s head of state was reported to have said this to the Posulian Prime Minister:
"Yo, Posul! I liked those underpants you bought me. I bet you picked them out yourself."
It is with much regret, though, that such a small lapse of time followed before the dissolution of the central government of Xiang Gang. In an unexpected meeting of the Country’s highest officials, Xiang Gang was dissolved. The President of Xiang Gang was reported to have said this:
“We gave it our best shot, but enough's enough. It's high time to call time on this whole thing.”
The effects on Xiang Gang are that all the 231 states will operate by themselves. There are still diplomatic and financial ties, but at the end the states will have the majority of autonomous power. The combined 231 states will be known as “The Allied Free States”. But the most heartbreaking effect on this Senate is the deprivation of Xiang Gang's ability to further hold its Senate seat in The Meritocracy. We can only hope that the Allied Free States will be kept out of harm’s way and may some day return to this Senate.
Heir to Argyri Throne Born!
Wonderful newborn praised without end
Argyres has recently released word that a son has been born to the throne. Many people in Argyres have praised Constantine Argyres, the newest addition to the Argyri Royal Family, with such words as Beautiful, Smart, and Well-Built. Many foreign governments have forwarded to the throne a flood of gifts and options.
Election Fever Takes Hold of Valle de Mejico
Conservatives, Imperialists, and Christians take majority
Valle de Mejico has recently concluded its Triumvirate Election. This election is determined by electoral votes given to each component Canton, based on population. The Results yielded a Coalition of Conservatives, Imperialists, and Christians. The winning candidates, respectively, were Ismael Cardenas, Octavio Obrador, and Benito Nava.
Mendanauan Naval Dispatch to Cruise Meriterra
Historic sailing ship on world good-will tour
Mendanau has recently released the ship, the MNS Essex into Meriterran seas. It is commanded by the Senator of Mendanau, Admiral A.D. Rowley. The purpose of this trip is to have Mendanau re-establish its foreign ties with the countries of Meriterra. Many countries have opened their ports in advance to wait for this ship to greet them.
Arms Craze Takes Hold of Meriterra
Weapons exports on the rise
Recently the nations of Lantisia, Warring Minorities, and Jiao Yang have increased their arms sale and distribution markets. This is a peculiar move from these nations, and has put many nations too again invest in arms and defense. Some analysts are predicting an escalation, or even war.
Rebell Union in Midst of Bloody Conflict
War erupts in divided nation
The nation of Rebell Union has recently been suffering through what seems to be a civil war. Not much information has been received from other foreign powers, but the situation seems too grow worse as time goes by.
Assassination Leads to War
Emperor murdered, loyalists fighting new government
Four months ago, the Emperor of Corintur, Theo Corrino IV, was murdered in an incident whose circumstances are still not fully clear.  Inside sources say that a radical terrorist organization is at fault, but there is little indication of any known terrorist group's involvement.  The late Emperor's sister, Anya, managed to escape, and subsequently fled the country.  Following the assassination, a top military official--Shalic Bree, the leader of an elite military branch known as 'the Guardians'--took power.  Shortly after, various groups disputing the legitimacy of Bree's position began carrying out guerrilla operations and other subversive activities.  Also, following the Emperor's assassination, the widening political schism between the north and south regions of Corintur led to the secession of the southern region, and the two are now in a state of war.
Shalic Bree's new regime soon thereafter joined the Kitimat Pact.  However, one of the main signatories of Bree's application, Argyres, has sent an invasion fleet to the city of Corrinth, with the intention of handing control of it over to the loyalist factions.
Tazistan in Turmoil
Civil war results in terrorism, unrest
Following a brief, but bloody civil war that culminated in aggressive action involving the nations of Posul, Pragmas, and Xiang Gang, the nation of Tazistan was invaded and occupied by all three of the aforementioned nations.  Soon afterwards, the Tazistani government-in-exile overtook an island in the outer reaches of New Clarkhall territory, and named their new nation 'Kenthaven.'  This nation was quickly declared a protectorate of New Clarkhall.  After the dissolution of Xiang Gang, however, the Tazistani government-in-exile claimed the former Xiang Gang protectorate, but Posulian peacekeeping forces were deployed to maintain order and block the former government.  This spread the Posulian forces thin, leaving them vulnerable to attack by Tazistani extremist groups and their New Clarkhall allies.  At this point, the Lantisian military sent peacekeeping troops to reinforce the Posulian forces.  Almost overnight, a peaceful coup occurred, and the Tazistani government-in-exile was overthrown by a communist regime.  Soon afterwards, the nation of Jiao Yang pledged its support to the New Clarkhall forces, but it has yet to take decisive action regarding the situation.  The exact status of Tazistan is unknown, but unconfirmed reports have been received of massive Posulian casualties and mass exterminations perpretrated by rogue New Clarkhall forces.
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