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Author Topic: Legislative Index  (Read 27304 times)

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« on: September 13, 2006, 07:11:29 AM »

This is the index of all legislation that has passed the Apella and Gerousia, in chronological order.

Passed 12 September 2006
Quote from: The Isles Citizenship Act
I. Membership

1. As dictated by the Politeian Nomos, any resident player within "Meritocratic Isles" has the right to apply for membership in the Apella.

2. A nation shall be afforded membership after it applies and is accepted by more than half the current Apella.

3. Voting shall be conducted in the following manner: open ballot, in the Voting Chambers of the Apella, for no less than three days and no more than one week.

4. Membership will be granted when a majority of citizens vote in favor, or if a majority of voters have affirmed citizenship in a one week period. Membership shall be denied if, at the end of one week, the applicant has a minority support.

II. Rights and Responsibilities

1. Citizens are obligated to take part in the governence of the region, whether by debating, pursuing an officer position, or voting. An unexplained absence of more than two weeks will be considered grounds for invoking VIII:5 of the Nomos. It is the duty of an Ephor or Archon to begin expulsion proceedings.

2. Citizens are not required to remain in "Meritocratic Isles" indefinitely; however, absences of over a week will be grounds for VIII:5 proceedings, under the same jurisdiction as Section 1.

3. Exceptions to Section 2: militia members on an assigned mission, recruiters, and Apella-appointed ambassador nations.

III. Restrictions

1. Citizens cannot be compelled or obligated to serve beyond the capacity of a member of the Apella.

2. Players may only have one nation as a citizen. Failure to comply will result in the immediate expulsion of said player from the Apella, and all of the player's nations from "Meritocratic Isles".

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(Corintur;  Consul of the Meritocracy)
Archon Basileus

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« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2008, 12:06:26 PM »

Passed on September 25, 2008
Debate Guidelines
1. Formal debates relevant to NationStates or politics shall be conducted in the Thomasian Plaza.

a. Participants shall not start debates that are not relevant to NationStates or politics in the Plaza.

2. Informal debates shall be conducted in the Salabosse Bathhouse.

a. Participants  shall not start debates that involve inappropriate themes.

3. All registerred members of the Meritocratic Isles forums have the privilege to participate in both informal and formal debates.

4. Participants shall not make posts in formal nor informal debates which do not address the topic of the debate.

5. If participants would like to express their disapproval or disagreement in informal or formal debates, they must do so by attacking the ideas and arguments of others, as opposed to attacking those who presented the ideas.

6. The Ephors will be responsible for ensuring that these guidelines are followed and determining if post content is relevant and appropriate, and with a majority vote of the Apella, may take away the debate privileges of the convicted.

a. Participants in both informal and formal debates have the right to notify Ephors of content they feel is irrelevant or inappropriate.

7. If those who have gotten their debate privileges taken away, wish to obtain them once more, they must submit an application for them in the Port Isoeph, which the Apella must approve of with a majority vote in order to grant them.
Archon Basileus

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« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2008, 04:36:35 PM »

Passed on October 7, 2008.
Some of the greatest disasters in the history of the Meriterra have happened as a result of the abuse of the WA Delegate position. We, the citizens of the Politeia, set up this legislation in order to specifically define the powers and limitations of the WA Delegate.

1. The Politeia of the Meritocratic Isles is the supreme governing body of the region.

a. The Archon Basileus is the chief executive of the region.

2. The WA Delegate may change the World Factbook Entry and password protect the region without the immediate permission from the Apella.

a. The WA Delegate must inform the Apella of the password if he password-protects the region.

b. The WA Delegate may may only eject and/or  ban a nation from the Meritocratic Isles with the prior permission of the Apella, unless the nation is a direct threat to the security of the region, in which case immediate permission is not required.

c. The Apella must expel a citizen nation from the Politeia before the WA Delegate can eject or eject and ban them from the region.

d. Only a citizen of the Politeia may hold the position of WA Delegate.

3. The WA Delegate is not entitled to additional power within the Politeia.

4. Any citizen of the Politeia may file a complaint of how the WA Delegate used any of his or her designated powers to the Apella.

a. With the majority vote of the Apella in favor of vetoing the WA Delegate's decision, the Delegate must reverse his or her decision.

b. If the WA Delegate refuses to comply within 1 week, he or she may be voted to be expelled from the Politeia by the Apella, as described in the Nomos.

c. WA nations of the Politeia are obligated to withdrawl their endorsement of the WA Delegate if he or she refuses to comply with the Apella's veto.
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