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Author Topic: Enosis  (Read 3476 times)

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« on: October 02, 2006, 12:50:48 PM »

[ooc]I'll be focusing most of the RP news and what not in the Senate because this will be the first in a line of RPs that will dramatically affect Argyres. I will RP some Iasonia-focused stuff here Smiley. Link to the Senate thread at

A little background - Iasonia was formerly a province of the Argyri Empire which declared independence after the Empire was dissolved and a new, democratic, Argyres was formed to the north (the Empire having been conquered). Enosis covers the reunification of the two, as a lead-up to bigger and 'better' things[/ooc]

Byzantium, Iasonia

The crowd swelled with motion and noise as the National Party speaker reached the climax of his speech.

"The Argyris are our brothers and sisters, they were with us in greatness and in sorrow, and it is united with them that we can regain our glory and status in this world. We must march into the future with them, hand in hand, to glory, to greatness, to immortality!"

In the crowd, there was a loud cheer in response to this remark. The economy had declined slowly but steadily over the past few years, the formerly bustling city center in which they were standing now noted for its boarded up stores and "for rent" signs.

A man in the crowd smiled at the reaction, the eagle tattoo on his bicep seeming to soar in the air as he pumped his fist and arm repeatedly. Things had to change. No. Things will change. The National Party would make it so.

- That evening -

Argos, Iasonia

The smoke-filled backroom of the ammunition factory seemed straight out of the cliche - especially given the gravity of the matters being discussed by the twelve men and two women arrayed around the large, round table. The National Party might have made significant strides in expanding its base, but in some ways it remained all too close to its conspiratorial roots. Still, even the greatest of parties had to start somewhere

Dennis Kohler, in charge of propaganda, leaned forward and cleared his throat loudly to attract what little attention his garish appearance could not maintain.

"I am concerned with the developments in Eureka, they could distract our Argyri brothers and disrupt our plans. We cannot have Argyres feeling insecure at this time, we must make it clear that the unification of our peoples is only right but merely the fulfillment of destiny."

He looked around the table to gauge his support, of which there was not much. He frowned; how had he so badly misjudged his words and actions?

The woman to his right smirked a bit, then began speaking in response. God, I hate Veronica, stupid malaka thinks she knows everything.

"Dennis, Dennis." Again, damned patronizing. "Eureka is of no concern, our plans will continue on and succeed either way. Unless, of course you don't believe your own propaganda, which would be most troubling indeed. I move that we vote on Jacob's plan and proceed as necessary depending on our decision."

The seconding was automatic, the vote already determined. Operation Naxos was to be implemented immediately.

Byzantium Harbor, INS Naxos

The crew from the drydocks worked methodically on their task. No one paid much attention from the docks, as their duties were both routine and dull to watch. The crew chief from the base was, in theory, supposed to be supervising to some extent but had instead taken the day off to spend with his mistress, who was actually a member of the National Party doing her patriotic duty. Thus, no one saw that the crew was doing very little work except for attaching a boxlike device to the hull of the Naxos, a Poseidon-class cruiser, nor did anyone see the crew leaving several hours before their shift was due to end.

The entire city, however, rocked from the blast that virtually disintegrated the Naxos and sent flaming debris into neighboring vessels.
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