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Author Topic: Takura Shimbun 2007/03/22  (Read 3905 times)

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« on: March 25, 2007, 03:36:32 PM »


Reporter: Viktor (Manticores)
Editor: Knights of Zion
Layout: Blackwolfe

Feudal Japan Resists Invasion Attempt

Last Friday evening, Feudal Japan was subjected to an invasion attempt by a united force comprised of the DEN, Catlandatopia and COTG. No defensive measures were taken in time but the attempt failed, apparently due to the invaders acquiring insufficient endorsements to outnumber the incumbent's twenty-seven. The invading nations fled to Kuwait, with some few stragglers being ejected and banned by The KoZ, UN Delegate of Feudal Japan.

Password-protection of the region was eventually deemed unnecessary, and false accusations of internal spies were quickly quieted. Of the three invasion attempts experienced by Feudal Japan since the demise of its founder twelve months ago, this one has caused the fewest ripples and the least panic. Our act of resistance, albeit a passive one, stands as a testament to our founderless region's teamwork in lending its delegate 100% support.

Minka Speaker Nominations Debate Decidedly One-Sided

With the Minka Speaker election slated to begin today (March 22nd), Feudal Japan voters have yet to hear from Romabengal about his proposed approach to the role. Oshima has done much to capitalize on his rival's absence, espousing a pro-active approach to improving regional activity and the ironing out of subtleties in the region's rank advancement legislation. Some of the debate's more vocal critics have already uncategorically stated their support for Oshima barring any input from Rombabengal on the Feudal Japan off-site forum prior to the vote's commencement.

Kendo League Meeting 2 Concluded

Following yet another calamitous tournament (full amusing coverage is available on the Feudal Japan off-site forum), the results of the Kendo League's second meet have been formally announced. Team Coulamland has emerged as the top competitor overall, capturing first and second place. Manticores' region-famous prizes, always appropriate and the envy of all non-competitors, were this time issued by Ma-Li-Guen in the absence of Lord Manticores who is rumoured to be deceased (at least for now). Winners and prizes were as follows:

1st: Rinderpest © - 1000 koku, golden face mask, pure silk kimono and a peasant's hat
2nd: The Green Manalishi © - 900 koku, an invitation to Lord Manticore's birthday, a pie, and a keg of sake
3rd: Lord Yamamura Takanori(O) - 800 koku, two peasant families, a virgin girl, and a full set of satanic ritual daggers
4th: Kazuo Yamazaki(FG) - nothing
5th: Bob Zoorunckle(FG) - 1300 koku, and a kiss from Ma-Li-Guen on the lips
6th: Otsubanga Noya(EF) - 500 koku, a straw hat, a Dutch musket and a heavy iron pan
7th: Ryu© - 400 koku, a ricecake, a bottle of Scotch, a male gigolo and a tiny house
8th: Monobi(V) - a place in Manticores' garden (as fertilizer)
9th: Kawakami Mitsuko(O) - 500 koku and twelve peasant children
10th: Sasaki Ishin(EF) - 100 koku and a slave sumo wrestler
11th: Hirokugawa Quan(EF) - a place in Manticores' garden (i.e. buried alive)
12th: Hideo Nakamura(FG) - same as above
13th: Che-Dun(V) - same as above (moderately less alive)
14th: The Flesh Coloured Horror(O) - same as above (definitely dead)
15th: Hekenopoko(V) - same as above (ditto)
16th: Ma-Ri(V) - same as above (definitely ditto)

Sad Departures - Nuclear Industrial

Although not actually a nation of Feudal Japan, Nuclear Industrial was the Meritocratic Senate's representative to the Tenka Fubu Alliance in our capacity as third prefecture of The New Meritocracy. He has been forced to resign from Senate activity, due to RL connectivity problems that reduce his ability to contribute as much as he would like. Knights of Zion bid him farewell on the Meritocracy forum, honouring his contributions and expressing hope that his successor will be at least as helpful a contact and participant in the Tenka Fubu Egoshu.

Sports: Kendo Results

Kendo League Meeting 2, Round 3
Rinderpest © over Lord Yamamura Takanori (O), 2-1
The Green Manalishi © over Kazuo Yamazaki (FG), 3-0
Bob Zoorunckle (FG) over Monobi (V), 2-1
Otsubanga Noya (EF) over Ryu ©, 2-1
Sasaki Ishin (EF) over Hirokugawa Quan (EF), 2-1
Kawakami Mitsuko (O) over Hideo Nakamura (FG), by surrender

Kendo League Meeting 2, Round 4 (Finals)
Rinderpest over The Green Manalishi, by surrender
Lord Yamamura Takanori (O) over Kazuo Yamazaki (FG), 2-1
Bob Zoorunckle (FG) over Otsubanga Noyz (EF), 2-1
Ryu © over Monobi (V), by decision
Kawakami Mitsuko (O) over Hirokugawa Quan (EF), by decision
Sasaki Ishin (EF) over Hideo Nakamura (FG), by decision

Social Notes

Oshima was the most vocal (but not alone) in congratulating Viktor on his excellent kendo management and coverage, and was the first to sign up for the third meeting of the burgeoning league. Rumours about the death of Lord Manticores are many and confused: some say he was eaten by a dragon, some by an eight-year-old kunoichi, while others believe Piracus' assassin service finished him off, hired by Kanbei of Aizen. A bit of ribaldry has errupted at Knights of Zion's expense for never having heard of aikido, much less knowing how to spell it.

Are You a Tenka Fubu Alliance Nation With a Story to Share?

Whether it's news taking place within your nation or in the region, share it with us and you'll see it included in the following week's Takara Shimbun. Look for the Takara Shimbun Reception Desk on the Feudal Japan forum:
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