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Author Topic: It's a Twofer! A Special InterMet & M.I.N.O.S. Issue  (Read 3567 times)
Valle de Mexico

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« on: April 16, 2008, 06:25:54 PM »

[size=14]New Constitution Ratified[/size]
Proof that Meriterran nations actually can agree!

A Heightsian delegate forced to ratify The Pact of The Meritocracy by an unnamed foreign aide

After more than two weeks of debate and revisions, The Meritocracy seems poised to once again have a Constitution. Much discussion has been held, but in the end a modified House System document, The Pact of the Meritocracy, has won support from a majority of delegates. It has been ratified by many nations so far and ratification will still be open for former senators until the close of the first Consular Tally.

A tally, outlined in The Pact of The Meritocracy for the selection of a Consul, has also been opened and at the moment no nation has yet casted their vote. Nonetheless the first tally will be counted up on Sunday, yielding the first Consul of the Pact Senate. Currently Mitch Henreich of the nation of Balanvinski has put forth a Consular campaign platform.

The Pact of The Meritocracy, in a nutshell, consists of a Senate composed of representatives from the meritocratic nations of Meriterra who will weekly decide the fate of their leader: the Consul. To check this, the Consul has now extensive legislative, executive, and judicial powers bestowed upon him. The Consul is responsible for organizing the Senate and government of The Meritocracy.

Complaints have been filed about "Ghosts" in the Senate Halls. Nations that seem to not exist anymore have been sending ethereal apparitions to represent them in the Constitutional Convention, some have even been signing documents. When asked to comment for Intermet these apparitions seem to disappear.

As the Convention closes and a new Senate arises, the nations of Meriterra are bracing for what is to come. Some joyously have prepared celebrations and others are gnashing their teeth. Yet with order and a functioning Meritocracy up again in Meriterra, one conclusion is certain: We're not dead yet.

Written and published in Valle de Mexico

[size=14]The Isles Renaissance[/size]

Something is cooking in the Isles

For a long time the Meritocratic Isles had laid dormant. But now a spark of life now exists in the region. The Meritocratic Isles are the ancestral home of The Meritocracy first founded by Thomasia, then re-founded by Jasque, it had been asleep until one noisy nation again started making a ruckus. The nation of Valle de Mexico has been leading the charge to again set up the Politeia of the Meritocratic Isles. Valle de Mexico has thinned it's Foreign Ministry by sending who they could  to nations that had not been explored.

Currently the region holds fifteen nations, it has tripled in the span of a week and nations are joining the World Assembly. Astonishingly its about half the size of the rest of Meriterra. Yet it has not all been fun and games, Valle de Mexico has been encouraging and pushing nations to apply to the Apella and has been reforming how communication is done in the Meritocratic Isles.

When asked what is needed for the Isles at this stage, the ValMexican representative said: "First of all, we need at least two other Senate nations who could help legitimize the Politeia by their residence in the Isles and their participation in the Apella. It is hard to sell the idea that the Isles is a Meritocracy when it's a one nation government and community.

The second thing we need is education, many of these new nations require further knowledge of The Meritocracy, Meriterra, and our Universe. We ask all Senate nations who could loan us their professors and universities to write up basic 101 courses for newcomers to the Apella to please pitch in. For further information do contact our Foreign Ministry."

On behalf of the staff of M.I.N.O.S. we ask all other Meriterran nations to help support this noble, and ancient, cause.

Contributed by M.I.N.O.S. (Valle de Mexico)

The Triumvirate of Valle de Mexico

The Meritocratic Confederacy of Valle de Mexico
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