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Author Topic: InterMet: Cortath Elected Consul  (Read 5083 times)

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« on: April 23, 2008, 12:34:14 AM »

Cortath Elected Consul
An InterMet Article by Shasarazade
History was made Sunday night as the first Consular election under the Pact came to a close. It was a tight race, but in the end the Proconsul from Cortath pulled ahead and was elected the twenty-fifth Consul of the Meritocracy and the first Consul of the Pact Senate by nine votes to the Senator from Balanvinski’s five. With the election of its first new Consul since August, the Senate now has, for the first time in nearly eight months, a bright future to look toward.

The Senator from Cortath, first Consul of the Pact Senate.

Under the Pact, the Consul holds all executive and legislative power, but the Senate retains a powerful check on his authority—the Consul is continually up for election, and the votes are counted every week. Thus a wise Consul must remain responsive to the desires of the Senate, or his term will be a short one.

The Consul also holds extensive power to reconstruct the government as he wills; he may create executive positions and populate them as he sees fit, or he may craft new application processes. Consul Cortath has not yet crafted any executive positions, but he has put in place a temporary admission system and opened the Senate up for new applications. As of this publication, representative Norm de Plume of Shrugged States has applied, but more applications are expected as word gets out of the Meritocracy’s rebirth.

Norm de Plume undergoes questioning during Shrugged States’ Senate application.

When asked his goals for the Meritocracy, Consul Cortath told InterMet, “My goals are to revive the Meritocracy's greatness in Meriterra and all realms, to sound the clarion call of greatness from atop the highest mountain.”

Already many former Senators have heard that call. It is a sound unmistakable—it says, “we’re back.”

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