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Author Topic: Applicants and New Citizens  (Read 2942 times)
Valle de Mejico

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« on: May 02, 2006, 03:49:56 PM »

I found this guide for new Applicants and New Citizens and I think it will really benefit those new to Meritocratic ways so here it goes.

Originally posted by Clayton Road

Advice for Applicants and New Senators

I went through the thread that was here for Senators to leave suggestions for advice to give to applicants and have compiled them here. Please don't hesitate to still leave suggestions though.

Thank you to all the Senators who have contributed to this list.

As An Applicant:
-Be Active!
-Be prepared to take a position and defend it with logic and diplomacy. The position taken usually matters less than the means used to justify it.
-A reasonable effort to be courteous when confronted with differing views goes a long way.
-Don't be afraid to not answer questions directed at you that are really, really off the wall.
-Give thorough answers if you are asked to do so, especially if they are not giving you a veritable barrage.
-Attitude and maturity are highly valued here. If you show little care in your spelling and/or grammar, many in the Apella will assume, sometimes rightfully, that you are either not mature enough to communicate properly, or are simply apathetic towards your application. Remember, citizenship means that the leader of your nation is representing your nation. A leader should be well-spoken.
-Remember that the application is not the end-all/do-all of becoming a senator. Reading the current and old thread in the Senate Halls ( and especialy participating in open forums like General discussions are the best way to establish yourself.
-Be honest! Keep in mind that the BBC is among the best in the NS world! It's much better to admit something that could be viewed as unfavorable by some than to be caught in a lie.
-Be yourself! Give the Senators an opportunity to get to know the "real" you (or at least the "real you" that you plan on RPing here as a Senator). No one likes the old "bait and switch" - Citizens are no different.
-Dont' be afraid to speak your mind! Most Citizens will respect (and vote for!) an applicant who rationally expresses an opposing view more than one who obviously is only saying what they think the Senator wants to hear.
-Looks over some recent applications to get a sense of what the Senate is and is not looking for. Examine the past voting records. What made the Citizen reject one applicant, while accepting another?

As a New Citizen (Thank You Ylling-Sarconea)
-The second after the polls close , you are a full Citizen with all the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as everyone else.
-No matter what the office, it is considered bad form to vote for yourself though not strictly forbidden.
-Be civil and youíll be listened to. Whatever you do, donít be too anti-American (or Brittish now a days Cheesy).
-Donít be just a voting machine. Contribute in the Apella and more importantly in the OOC areas.
-Donít just vote on other Citizen's opinions in citizenship applications. Always try to ask a question of your own.
-Keep up to date with other region news. If you know whatís going on elsewhere you can make better foreign policy contributions.
-Whatever you do, keep your Meritocratic nation active on the main site. CTE on there and youíre out.
-Read the relevant legislation before you propose something. It saves trouble later.
-Remember itís only a game and that real-life comes first. If youíre having RL problems, deal with them first.
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