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Author Topic: Rebuilding of the Politeia  (Read 4263 times)
Archon Basileus

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« on: August 13, 2008, 06:55:20 PM »

After a cold and numbing year of slumber, the Politeia of the Meritocratic Isles is experiencing a thrilling renaissance. The beginning of this exciting chain of events can be traced back to impressive recruiting endeavors by the Isles’ faithful. Fortunately, their efforts were paid off, and bundles of young, enthusiastic, and active nations poured into our long dormant region.

Some of the first true role-plays in months were conducted in our Civil Headquarters, starring the fresh nations of You-Gi-Owe and Huttok, and the activity on this very website began to stir when several of the new recruits applied for citizenship.

Possibilities were bright, but expectations were still very dim, for the last recruits to apply had abandoned their submissions midway through the process. If we were to truly bring the Isles back to life, we would need the help of a veteran, someone who had massive experience in regional governments and could guide us on our quest to rebuild the Politeia. That is when Quaestor Shasarazade came.

Apparently, the Senate, the central government of all of the Meriterra, had been observing this growth in the region, and sent Shasarazade to “maintain their interests” in the Meritocratic Isles. From my perspective, it could just as easily have been a gift from Max Barry himself. The Quaestor offered the guidance, wisdom, and general online government street smarts that our region so badly needed.

In other activities within the halls of the Senate, our region’s founder, Jasque, gave a moving speech, “A Return to Our Homeland”, proposing making the Meritocratic Isles the capital of the Meriterra once again. While the practical significance and reaction of the Senate are yet to be revealed, this provided intense motivation and encouragement to continue our efforts in re-establishing our government.

As Our Lady of Chaos, You-Gi-Owe, Huttok, Hinderan, and Spider Leaf were all given citizenship, a six-step plan was finally proposed on assembling the regional government. So far the plan has run smoothly and momentum is carrying us towards an organized system, exactly as the Politeian Nomos described it.

Citizens of the Meritocratic Isles, the opportunities of this era in our history are abundant, and we must not take them for granted. With your support, dedication, and meritorious deeds we can make our region a utopia the way its founders intended it to be. Countries of the Meriterra, and all of NationStates: Watch out. The Meritocratic Isles is coming back, and nothing is going to stop us.

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