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Author Topic: DVD Review: Ben Stein "EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed"  (Read 5997 times)
King Chester

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« on: November 02, 2008, 06:49:55 PM »

This movie might actually give Documentary Movies a good reputation.  Not that it doesn't have it's own (possibly biased) perspective on the subject of Intelligent Design, but that it is an expose' of an authoritarian academic/educational system that is as dogmatic about Darwinism/Neo-Darwinism as the Roman Catholic Church used to be about a geo-centric universe.  Don't expect to see it nominated for an Academy Award, because it is not politically correct with the "left".

I actually first saw this in a cinema movie theatre.  I was not disappointed in the movie, but in the sloppy manner in which the theatre projected the film with the lower section of the screen not properly displaying sub-titles during historical foreign language archives and that portions of the people's bodies were lost from view, like the sub-titles.  Obviously another leftist conspiracy  Wink  .

Just as Galileo and Copernicus and Martin Luther challenged the Church, Ben Stein charges into battle and asks the questions:  Isn't America Great Because of Freedom, and Doesn't Freedom Include the Right to Think that there's a Possibility that the Universe Didn't Happen by Accident Without Losing Your Job?

Stein did his homework when he made, "Expelled".  He makes certain that all of the parties on both sides of the I.D. issue have the opportunity to say there piece.  Sadly, most of the anti-I.D. folks simply deny what has been going on, even when presented with copies of their own e-mails.

Richard Dawkins, author of books championing Darwinism and declaring any God to be a delusion, is interviewed by Stein near the end of the film.  Surprisingly, Dawkins makes a pro-I.D. concession in that perhaps ultra evolved extraterrestrials arrived on Earth and sowed the seeds of life here.  Of course, THOSE aliens must have evolved through the Darwinist model.  I doubt that concession will cost Mr. Dawkins any of his fans.

If there is one difficulty in the production of this movie, it is the mixed blessing of Ben Stein's voice.  Stein has the perfect pitch and tone to carry out a reasoned and rational argument.  That same voice also requires either a rested state in the viewer, or a cup of coffee or caffeinated soda.  Still, the movie is, if not better than, as good as any expose' on network or cable television gets.

On my DVD Scale from 0 to 5, I give "EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed" a 3.5 Cool .

My DVD Scale:
0 = Don't Rent and Tell Your Friends Not to Rent.
1 = Borrow.
2 = Rent.
3 = Rent and Recommend to Rent.
4 = Buy, Loan to Friends, Buy again if they lose your copy.
5 = Buy, Recommend, Tell Your Friends to Buy Their Own Damn Copy.
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